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Welcome to my website!

Thanks for coming to my site!  A little background on me…I became interested in Young Living in 2011 when my mom was diagnosed with a terminal illness and I was looking for products that supported a good quality of life. I found those with Young Living’s Products and Essential Oils.

Ever since then I have felt compelled and responsible to share the benefits of a chemical free way of life. I believe God give us tools to help us along the way, and I believe Young Living is a tool for us to live a better quality of life with the many essential oils and oil infused products.

It’s crazy to me that we are exposed to over 300 chemicals a day, and with women we are exposed to over 80 before breakfast! We know that these chemicals found in food, our environment, and our consumer and pet products can pose a possible threat to our health.

Young Living gives us an option to trade these chemicals for a better option. I want to share this with people so we all can have a better quality of life, be at our best, and do what God has called us to do.

I’m excited to be part of your wellness journey!



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